What Is The Best Gun On PUBG Mobile - Top 6 Guns

1 – Groza

The top spot for weapons in PUBG Mobile goes to Groza. This AR happens to be an air drop plunder case unique. This AR has the second most noteworthy fire rate among the ARs simply behind the M416. Be that as it may, as far as harm, it bargains 49 which is equivalent to the AKM. The AR just accompanies an extension and magazine space, and a special gag opening that can just prepare a silencer. It is an entirely steady firearm that barely has any side-to-side influence. It holds a typical magazine of 30 7.62mm slugs, which can be reached out to 40. On the off chance that any adversaries are sufficiently shocking to cross your way holding this firearm, it would be a fast end to their game.

2 – M416

The M416 is unquestionably the best AR that is openly accessible in the maps of PUBG. It comes next in the rundown destroying the AWM in view of its accessibility and productive use right up front and long range. It utilizes a large group of changes, including degree, gag, grasp, magazine, and stock. This weapon has the most noteworthy discharge rate among all the ARs in the game yet. Obviously this is a most loved among all the players in the game. Without the connections, it has marginally more backlash than the SCAR-L, however with all the connections it is one of the most steady ARs in the game. It has a harm of 43, which is equivalent to the next 5.56mm ammunition ARs. It holds an ordinary magazine of 30 7.62mm slugs that can be reached out to 40.

3 – AWM

The AWM is the most powerful gun in PUBG, period. But it is beaten by two ARs because of its extremely situational use. This gun is very inefficient in close range, but it is the king of long range combat. It uses a special .300mm magnum rounds which are only found along with the gun in air dropped loot crates. It has a damage of 120 which basically means its a one shot kill to the head for anyone, and only the level 3 armor has a chance of keeping the wearer alive at full health with a body shot.
This devastatingly powerful gun has the longest range of any in the game but it comes with extremely high reload and animation times. It has the same slots as the M24 and since the bullets are limited. Hence it is suggested that players be accurate with their shots. It also has a magazine that holds 5 bullets which can be extended to 7.

4 – M249 

This is a brute of a firearm which is a LMG and must be found in drops. The M249 is compelling in long range and very ground-breaking in short proximity. It can possibly take out entire groups without reloading. The LMG has a harm of 45 and every magazine can hold 100 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition. It accompanies no openings for a magazine, gag and however just an extension.

5 – AKM

The AKM, a variation of the mainstream AK-47 rifle in the game. It is one of the most normally discovered weapons and is exceptionally amazing. Individuals employing this weapon can make for some startling adversaries in light of the fact that there is just a single other completely auto AR that can coordinate the harm (49) this firearm can dole out. In any case, with the high harm additionally comes the issue of high backlash. What's more, there is just a gag space accessible to control that. The individuals who utilize a compensator on it to control the force, will have the option to bring down foes wearing level 3 protective layer with five shots, and level 3 head protectors with two shots. It holds a typical magazine of 30 7.62mm slugs, which can be stretched out to 40.

6 – M24

This fatal firearm is an all the more remarkable adaptation of the Kar98 and it has higher range and harm. It is prevailed over by the AKM just in light of the fact that the AKM is progressively accessible, and is practical for long and short proximity. The M24 used to be discovered distinctly on plunder containers however has since been added to the maps. It has a harm of 79 and a higher range than the Kar98. The expert marksman is additionally a jolt activity one and has a magazine of 5 shots which can be reached out to 7. It accompanies openings for a cheek cushion, magazine, gag and a degree

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