Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Urban Swagger Charcoal Face Scrub

Urban Swagger Charcoal Face Scrub - I Feel The Need, Need For Scrub (50 g)

We all are the victims of pollution since we are all residents of a metro city. Our skin has to
be able to breathe in order to keep it fresh, glowing and impurity-free. I recently picked up a
charcoal face scrub from the Brand Urban Swagger at Here is an honest review
of what l feel about the product:
Since activated charcoal claims to remove all the impurities, dead skins and clogged pores
from the skin, the same role is played by this charcoal face scrub from Urban Swagger.
The product comes in a round bottle which is handy and easy to carry. The product
description & ingredients have been mentioned in the bottle at the back side of the product.
There is no leakage and the product is travel friendly.
The texture of the scrub is quite surprising. It has a medium thick consistency. There are
small black granules that are the activated charcoal. The smell of the scrub is very pleasant.
Also, it is easy to apply and spreads evenly.

So, activated charcoal is known for removing all impurities from the skin and this scrub from
Urban Swagger also claims the same. You just need to pour out some amount of scrub from
the bottle, massage it gently on your face for a minute on a clean face and remove it with
water or damp cloth.
The granules in the scrub are really soft and not harsh at all on the skin. The scrub is suitable
for all skin types but it is best for people having oily skin. The ingredients in this scrub
controls excess oil production on the face and controls the oil in the face. It gently exfoliates
the dead skins and removes all the dirt instantly making you feel fresh and clean.
With the regular use of the scrub, the skin will tone up and brighten up.
It is infused with the richness of banana that effectively hydrates your skin for a rich

moisturised look! The best of Kiwi in the scrub is there to keep your skin oily free.

Highly affordable
Removes impurities from skin
Controls excess oil production
Hydrates and moisturizes the skin
Exfoliates skin to remove dead skin
Dries skin a little bit

It is a worth buying if you are looking for an affordable and cleansing scrub.

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