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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Download Officially Gta 4 Beta - Gta 4 Android - Gta 4 Mobile

Gta 4

Rockstar Games absolutely hit it out of the park with the latest iteration of Grand Theft Auto, GTA 4, and it quickly established itself as one of the biggest blockbuster games ever created and a best-selling title that shattered sales records – some of which still stand today!While Grand Theft Auto four is a little bit older nowadays (it was first released almost 10 years ago), you have the opportunity to play this amazing game – in all its glory – on the Android and iOS platform for the first time ever.

GTA 4 is a well-known video game of Grand Theft Auto Series. The developers of the game are Rockstar Games. First, it was released for PlayStation and Xbox 360 consoles in April 2008. GTA 4 was the eleventh game of GTA series by the Rockstar. Basically, it is a gangster based video game set within the fictional Liberty City which is based in New York City. The open-world action game allows players to freely roam Liberty city consisting of three islands. One thing that I want to tell you that GTA 4 for Android is not officially launched but there are many chances that Rockstar can officially launch this game in the last months of 2018. But if you really want to play this game before the official launch of the this then you are on the right page. There are several modes available and you can play GTA IV for Android on your Mobiles and tablets.

All you know that GTA 4 Apk is an action and adventure video game which played from a third-person perspective. There are several missions in the game and a player can play multiple missions at the same time. GTA 4 is larger in area compare the early GTA games. The vehicles in the game are amazing, the graphics, sound and the game controls are great. I can’t say that this mod is same as real GTA IV but I am pretty sure that you will definitely like and enjoy this GTA 5 Apk.

Game Requirements
Game ⇒ Grand Theft Auto 4 Android
Ram ⇒2 GB Required
CPU ⇒1.7 or higher
Android ⇒4.1 or higher
GPU ⇒Adreno (Must check your Android’s GPU)

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