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Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is an unending running computer game created and distributed by Imangi Studios. A continuation of Temple Run, the diversion was created, outlined and modified by a couple group Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova,[6] with workmanship by Kiril Tchangov.[6] It was discharged on the Application Store on January 17, 2013,[2] on Google Play on January 24,[3] and on Windows Telephone 8 on December 20.[4]

Temple Run 2 includes an indistinguishable controls from its ancestor. In any case, the gameplay itself is somewhat extraordinary seeing that it presents new impediments, for example, zip-lines, mine tracks, more keen turns, waterfalls, and planes of flame. The amusement likewise includes new catalysts, and players now can spare the hero from death by utilizing green diamonds that are gathered while running, or bought on the web. The amusement is set in an unexpected area in comparison to the principal diversion, and the fundamental character runs speedier. The three monkeys that pursued the character in the first diversion have been killed. Presently, a particular expanded monkey called Cuchanck is the sole antagonist.[8]

Characters Edit

Upon the underlying discharge, there were four characters accessible for play, however that has been expanded to twenty-seven starting at 2016:[9][10]

Fellow Risky - default pilgrim (shield control up)

Bunny Fellow - Fellow Hazardous wearing an Easter bunny suit (accessible for buy at Easter)

Scarlett Fox (help control up)

Barry Bones (coin reward control up)

Karma Lee (score control up)

Francisco Montoya - Spanish conquistador

Maria Selva - Photojournalist character from "Temple Run" National Geographic book[11]

Zack Ponder - American football player

Montana Smith - Voyager, wears a cap like that of Indiana Jones

Usain Jolt - quickest runner on the planet ("Jolt" control up; joined magnet and lift)

Santa Clause Claus - accessible for buy at Christmas

Mrs. Claus - accessible for buy at Christmas

Bruce Lee - unique version, constrained accessibility

Russell Wilson - NFL player (Seattle Seahawks), restricted availability[12]

Colin Kaepernick - NFL player (San Francisco 49ers), restricted availability[12]

Calvin Johnson - NFL player (Detroit Lions), restricted accessibility

Tom Brady - NFL player (New Britain Nationalists), restricted accessibility

Peyton Keeping an eye on - NFL player (Denver Horses), restricted accessibility

Cam Newton - NFL player (Carolina Jaguars), restricted accessibility

DeMarco Murray - NFL player (Dallas Cowhands), restricted accessibility

LeSean McCoy - NFL player (Bison Bills), restricted accessibility

Freya Coldheart - ruler of the anecdotal place where there is Kaldr, said to be a chilly devastate put

Sigur Frostbeard - general from Kaldr, a Viking-like warrior

Cleopatra - the last dynamic pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt

Imhotep - Egyptian polymath who served under the Third Administration lord Djoser

Wolfman - Half wolf, half human

Sir Montague - Skeleton warrior

Rahi Raaja - Indian male pilgrim

Nidhi Nirmal - Indian female pilgrim


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