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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Download GTA IV Beta For Android - Ndroid Gamer


Game features:
- We’ve tried to recreate the atmosphere of the best open world game in history. Bring some nostalgia feels! Mobile game. 
- The game with an interesting storyline! Great missions with an entertaining quest.
- Incredible and dynamic 3rd person 3D shooter
- The best game with open world and full freedom, explore all city!
- Photorealistic beauty HD graphics!
- Incredible CGI scenes with action camera elements, that dilutes the gameplay
- Your own time killer. Play wherever you want, at house, work and public transport
- Buy your own real estate
- Best cars simulator! Real characteristics and real cars behavior. Family car, bad boy muscle car or a sport car for a successful man, choose any car you want.
- Compete with the best city drivers. You’re the driver, it’s up to you what happen next
- Enormous ammo choice: mercenaries AK-47, minigun and RPG or a contract killer sniper rifle. Choose your style of the game
- If you’re far away from cellular network or Wi-Fi you can play offline
- Amazing free game


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