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GTA 5 HD Texture Mod Pack For Android

"GTA SA: GTA V Texture Mod HD v0.1
beta" is another GTA Vtexture mod for
GTA San Andreas Android by "JohnAZ# or
POGO". The mod is compatible with latest
GTA San Andreas Android y1.07 and
v1.02. After installing this mod your GTA
San Andreas Androjd will look far better
than before, Most textures in this mod are
from GTA V. GTA V has currently best and
high quality textures thats why everybody
want GTA V textures. Anyway, it can also
make your game slow (due to heavy
textures) so make sure your device can
handle these textures. To fix lag issue just
lower the Draw Distance or
visit this guide. This mod does not require
computer or cleo to run. Just move the
files and run the game, the mod will work

To install this mod please follow these

Before You Start
Make sure you have free space.

Want to uninstall this mod? just delete
the moved folder,


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