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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Gta 5 Mod Pack For Android Gta: Sa Lite Download

GTA 5 Mod Pack For GTA Sa Lite


l am back after a long time. Today I am
going to share a new mod pack which is
may be the first Indian Mod Pack for GTA
San Andreas Android., The maker of this
mod pack is "Faraz Khan", It contains lots
of stuff which can never be found in any
other mod pack. New stuff includes
Indjan banners, bikes. cars and trucks.
Cars and Trucks from the famous Indian
companies Hyundai, TATA and Suzuki
There are many other new things like new
hud, map, sky, reflections, textures. This
mod pack is simple to install. All you need
to do is just move the files to the required
place and run the game. Make sure you're
not using a modded game to install this
mod pack.

Download Mod

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